Talented Football Club
Nickname: :   undefined
Location: :   Mararaba, Nassarawa State Nigeria
Under: :   Under-18
Founded: :   2020
Address: :   09071759704 By maraba calvary road by police station road Aso A Nasarawa state
Captain: :   Okafor Ndubuisi(Captain)
Phone: :   +2349071759704
Email: :   ondubuisi123@gma.com
League: :   Grassroots
Talented Football Club (undefined)

We are people who loves the game of football plays it with passion and love to entertain ourselves we are a team
Training Details
Calvary road transformer Aso A mararaba Nasarawa state
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays3:30 PM
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays3:30 PM
Okafor Ndubuisi
Okafor Ndubuisi
Am upses about football its what keeps me going my only friend my companion I love football and hope to make something out of it
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Okafor Ndubuisi